About Us

The value of Vietnamese tea culture is not in the quantity but in the quality. A perfect tea must be of premium class, grown with care in the ideal soil and with the perfect climate, picked at the right time and carefully processed. This is the only way to ensure the perfect tea product.

When considering tea to be an elegant and sophisticated hobby, then coffee is a strong and passionate love. Truly good coffee must be grown at an altitude of 1200 meters, on a fertile basalt soil, carefully cultivated, harvested at the proper ripeness, and roasted by exact methods to ensure a balanced and rich flavor.

Doi Dep was born on the green hills of premium Oolong tea, high-class Robusta and Arabica coffee fields. Doi Dep perfectly captures the poetic scene of enjoying a warm cup of green tea, or sipping a cup of pure coffee from the motherland of Bao Loc. One wonders when this simple love grew into such passion and pride, fuelling the ambition to share this priceless culture with the rest of the world.

Despite the strict geographical requirements, farming and processing techniques, the art of Tea and Coffee is slowly losing its pure nature, or even becoming lost and forgotten in the busy modern life. Doi Dep pursues the ideal of bringing this beautiful culture back, making it more popular and closer to the people of Vietnam and the rest of the world, while preserving the pure nature of Vietnamese tea.

Đôi dép vô tri khắn khít bước song hành
Chẳng thề nguyền mà không hề giả dối
Chẳng hứa hẹn mà không hề phản bội
Lối đi nào cũng có mặt cả đôi.

Không thể thiếu nhau trên những bước đường đời
Dẫu mỗi chiếc ở một bên phải, trái
Như tôi yêu em bởi những điều ngược lại
Gắn bó đời nhau vì một lối đi chung.